Monday, October 1, 2012

Mooncake and Mushrooms

Yesterday was the Moon Festival which we celebrated by eating mooncakes and looking for the lady on the moon. When we got the mooncakes from united noodle, Nissa was the first to want one in her lunch. All weekend she kept asking if we could eat them and when it was finally time, she bit into one, scrunched her nose, and put it back. She didn't like the lotus paste one or the other two flavors, bean paste and date paste either. So today, it's only Annie getting a mooncake in her lunch. The picture shows the bean paste cake but I actually put the lotus paste, her favorite one in hers. She also got a wedge of cheddar cheese in hers otherwise everything else is the same in their lunches. Green grapes and grape grapes with mandarin orange wedges, zipper beans (or as they are generally known, soy beans), half a mini summer sausage and a handful of mini chocolate covered mushroom and tree crackers! Those are a surprise so I hope the girls like them. That's it for the mooncakes and mushrooms!