Monday, October 8, 2012

Lasagna Lunches

I spent Saturday baking and cooking from scratch. It was a blast but very time consuming. First I made focaccia, second I made lasagna, and third, fettuccine noodles hung to dry with the leftover lasagna noodle dough. It's been forever since I made lasagna and forever is too long. I don't know why my husband laughed when I talked to my food? All I said was... "Oh lasagna, how I've missed you." I did! Anyway, there was enough leftover lasagna to make their lunches today but I had to make more focaccia. We gobbled the last loaf all up. In the bottom container is just kiwi slices and mandarin orange pieces. Now I'm feeling challenged to make something else "from scratch". I kind of dislike that phrase really but I like the process.